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Voluntary Recall Safety Information

Please note: There could be some delays in processing due to state measures put in place as a result of COVID-19.
If you have any questions about your Repair Kit order, please reach out to us at

Repair Kit Request

Please complete this form if you have determined that you own a Bumbo® Baby Seat. We will send you a Bumbo® Baby Seat Repair Kit for each of the seats that you register below. Note that kit requests are limited to a maximum of two Bumbo Baby Seat Repair Kits per online request.

Click here if you have not yet determined if you have a product subject to this voluntary recall.

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  • Please enter the number of seats that you own and are registering for repair. You will receive a Bumbo Baby Seat Repair Kit for each seat registered.
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  • **For residents of Canada, please visit, email or call 1-866-768-4244 toll-free.

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