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Voluntary Recall Safety Information

Bumbo® Baby Seat

In August 2012, Bumbo International Trust conducted a voluntary recall to add a restraint belt and new warnings to the Bumbo® Baby Seat. Bumbo worked closely with the CPSC to implement corrective action – the distribution of repair kits, which include a belt, installation instructions, proper use instructions and a new warning sticker for the product. As part of our commitment to safety, this corrective action will cease in 2022.

We have instituted the following restrictions to repair kit fulfilment:

  • Any Bumbo® Baby Seat that does not have a printed warning on the front of the seat is no longer eligible for a repair kit – these seats were manufactured prior to 2008 and are subject to safety issues beyond our control
  • Any Bumbo® Baby Seat that has a manufacturing date prior to 2012 is no longer eligible for a repair kit – products older than 10 years are beyond their useful life and should not be used
  • Any Bumbo® Baby Seat that does not have legible manufacturing information is no longer eligible for a repair kit – Bumbo Distribution USA cannot verify the product without this

If your voluntarily recalled seat has identifiable manufacturing information and a manufacturing date code within 10 years of the current date, you may still be eligible for a repair kit; Please email a photo of the date code on the bottom of your seat to and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch.

At Bumbo® we are thrilled to have served your family for decades, and we are committed to providing new products that continue to meet your growing family’s needs and expectations. Thank you for helping us to deliver upon our commitment to quality, comfort and safety.