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Social Responsibility

Bumbo Cares Non-Profit Company


Who are we?

Bumbo Cares were founded in 2008 and is a Non-Profit Company that does upliftment within in the Pretoria North community, specifically for children. The children within the community we serve are poverty stricken and comes from disadvantage backgrounds.


What do we do?

Our upliftment program is done through the means of sport coaching. The program is offered at this stage to 140 children within our community. Sport coaching is done in badminton, trampoline, taekwondo, gymnastics and table tennis. As education forms the backbone of any sustainable upliftment program we offer a after care for the children that we coach. Counselling as well as evangelism is also incorporated in our program to give a holistic approach in our effort to make a difference in the lives of our children. As one also cannot train or learn on an empty stomach we give our children a balanced meal daily as well as an afternoon snack together with a sandwich to take home in the evening.  For most of our children this meal is the only meal for the day.


Where do we get funding?

Bumbo Cares NPC receives funding from Bumbo International which makes them our biggest sponsor for which we are tremendously grateful for.  Bumbo makes it possible for us to cover all our overheads

e.g. salaries, maintenance etc.


Why is more funding needed?

Funding and a NPC is synonym but what makes our situation unique is since all overheads are covered by our main sponsor and keeping in mind that the parents of our children are not by means to contribute in any manner, we still need funding for the implementation of our upliftment program.

To name but a few:

  • Registration fees at sport governing bodies
  • Registration fees for competitions
  • Traveling and accommodation
  • Attire for different sport competitions
  • Variety of needs in after care
  • Non-perishable food
How can you get involved?

We as Bumbo Cares are always overwhelmed with joy if people make a commitment to get involved.  It helps us to care for and provide so much more to our children which makes a vast difference in the development of our children.  Individuals or companies can get involve by:

  • Offering to be a volunteer
  • Offer to contribute towards funding
  • Donate sport equipment
  • Donate stationary etc. for aftercare
  • Donate food

Any contribution makes the world of difference and we are grateful for any donation received.

Love and Support for Every Child.

At Bumbo, we believe every child deserves a bright future. For more than a decade, we have made high quality infant and toddler products that help your little ones sit up on their own, step up to places they can’t yet reach, and build up their confidence as they gain independence and reach important developmental milestones. Our products solve every day parenting challenges, while encouraging child exploration, parent and child interaction and quality family time.

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